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The Purpose of Chiropractic
The aim of chiropractic is to correct joint misalignments that impair function. Restoration of joint function reduces pain and inflammation, strengthens supportive muscles and tendons, and increases mobility. When joints perform properly, your body performs properly.
What's Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is a healing art practiced by licensed doctors over 60 countries. Treatment is centered around the spine and its supporting structures. There are various means of treating the spine, the most common being the chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is a quick controlled thrust delivered by the hand to restore misaligned joints and faulty joint proprioceptors (nerves that control reflex functions).

The chiropractor is a licensed physician trained to perform physical examinations and take x-rays when required to make a diagnosis.
Government Studies and Research on Chiropractic
  1. Ontario Ministry of Health, the Manga Report:
    Support the efficacy, safety, scientific validity and cost-effectiveness of chiropractic for low back pain. Higher patient satisfaction levels are found with chiropractic care than with medical treatments.
  2. New Zealand Commission Report:
    Spinal Manual therapies in the hands of registered chiropractors are safe and effective in relieving symptoms such as back pain.
  3. US Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR):
    Manipulation is proven and preferred treatment for most acute low back patients.
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