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Why Extremity Adjusting?
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Many of us are familiar with the words of a song, "the foot bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone is connected to the back bone…" This popular song illustrates a fundamental biomechanical principle called the 'Kinetic Chain.' That is, problems in the feet, which are connected to the leg and pelvis, can affect the lower back. Similarly, problems in the shoulders, which are connected to the collar bone and the ribs, can affect the upper back and neck. The limbs and spine have a great influence upon each other. Extremity adjusting can relieve pain and enhance the function of the entire body. Athletes in particular find significant benefits.
Athletics and Extremity Adjusting

Athletes often exert and stress their bodies to the limit. They push through pain to win competitions. It is in these moments that their bodies become susceptible to injury. Correcting dysfunctional extremities enhances the total athletic capabilities. Athletes perform better when muscles are strong and joints are mobile.

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